Yes, it’s a book. We wrote/illustrated it for a school project which somehow turned into a self-publishing project. We aim to entertain and educate. And alliterate.

What in the World? is an illustrated alphabet book for children. For each letter, the author has featured a country and a rhyming couplet about an animal that lives in that country. The illustrator has illustrated (on rice paper with Chinese ink and watercolours, in case you're curious).

After three years of selling and reprinting our book in small runs, Tsui Hon Kwong, the illustrator's family friend, suggested we make a companion website (many thanks!). This website is intended to extend the book, with more information about the animals and countries for our readers. If you'd like to find out even more, check out the sources in our Bibliography page.

The Author

RAELKE GRIMMER is now twenty and doesn’t understand how she wrote something so alliterating when she was sixteen. She is currently studying creative writing at university and had a pet guinea pig. Now, her only pet is her older brother. She keeps him in a jar.

The Illustrator

ADIL SOH-LIM is currently studying English, Maths, Politics and Chemistry at the University of Adelaide. Obviously, she has trouble making choices, so it makes sense that she hasn’t yet chosen between her two pets. The second is her cat. The first is her older brother, who made this site. Thanks, Bro.


Many thanks to everyone who's helped us along the way since 2006 – our families, our friends, our teachers, the South Australian Youth Arts Board and anyone else we may have carelessly forgotten or glossed over.

Special thanks go to Tsui Hon Kwong, from Hong Kong. This website was his brainchild, really, and without him neither the website nor this new edition would have happened.