Quick Facts

Map of Canada
Population: 34,364,000
Languages: English and French (Official) as well as several recognised regional languages.
Climate: Largely humid and cold; cold tundra and ice in the north.
Captial City: Ottawa


  • Old Quebec district – founded by French explorers in the 17th century, it’s the only North American city with its old city walls preserved. Inscribed on World Heritage List in 1985.
  • Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks – national parks with snow-capped mountains, canyons, limestone caves, waterfalls and glaciers. Also has a fossil site. Inscribed on World Heritage List in 1984.
  • Wood Buffalo National Park – has North America’s largest population of wild bison and the world’s largest inland river delta.

The Bobcat

Habitat: Widely varied: coniferous and mixed forests, hardwood forest, swamp, desert and scrubland. Mostly, anything except cultivated land.
Diet: Carnivorous. Mainly rabbits, but also rodents and young hoofed animals.
Classification and relatives: Mammal. Classified as a small cat, specifically a lynx. Closest relatives are the Canada, Eurasian and Iberian Lynxes.
Conservation status: Not endangered.
Lifespan: 12 years in the wild, up to 32 years in captivity.