Quick Facts

Map of Denmark
Population: 5,543, 819
Languages: Danish (Official), Faroese, Greenlandic, German, English
Climate: Temperate; humid and overcast; mild, windy winters and cool summers.
Captial City: Copenhagen


  • Kronborg Castle – Medieval castle, militarily significant in 16th-18th centuries. Construction began in 1574. Also known as Elsinore, the setting of Shakespeare’s tragedy play Hamlet. Added to World Heritage List in 2000.
  • The Statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid – A statue by Edvard Erichsen of the mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen’s famous story The Little Mermaid (later adapted by Disney studios into a film of the same name). The statue was unveiled in 1913 and has been defaced (and restored!) nine times since the 1960s.
  • Ilulissat Icefjord – One of the fastest moving glaciers in the world.

The Partridge (Grey Partridge)

Habitat: Shrubland and grassland.
Diet: Omnivorous. For adults, grass, seeds, shoots and insects during breeding season. For young birds, insects only until 2 weeks after hatching.
Classification and relatives: Bird. Related to pheasants and, less closely, to other fowl, such as chickens.
Conservation status: Not endangered.
Lifespan: 5.2 years maximum.