Quick Facts

Map of Finland
Population: 5,367,188
Languages: Finnish and Swedish (Official), Saami (recognised regional language)
Climate: Cold temperate, mild subarctic
Captial City: Helsinki


  • Kvarken Archipelago – a series of islands that is rising out of the sea faster than any other in the world due to geological movements. (Read more at the World Heritage List... refer to the link in Bibliography!) Added to World Heritage List in 2000.
  • Tampere Hall – the largest congress and concert centre in the Nordic countries.
  • Kyminlinna fortress – part of the largest historical fortress system in Finland; Russian-built, in 1790.

The Reindeer (also known as the Caribou)

Habitat: Arctic tundra, subarctic woodlands, mountain slopes.
Diet: Herbivorous. Lichens, mosses, grasses, ferns, foliage of shrubs and trees, especially willows and birches.
Classification and relatives: Mammals. Reindeer are even-toed hoofed animals and, more specifically, deer. Related to other deer, such as Moose and Red Deer.
Conservation status: Not endangered.
Lifespan: Females, sometimes over 15 years. Males, usually less than 10.