Quick Facts

Map of Qatar
Population: 1,696,563
Languages: Arabic (Official), English
Climate: Dry climate, arid.
Captial City: Doha


  • Umm Salal Mohammed Fort – a 19th century fortress, four storeys high, popular for its architecture.
  • Al Zubarah – a ruined town on the northwest coast of Qatar. From the 18th century, Zubarah was the seat of power of the Al BIn Ali tribe, who were once a dominant, self governing group. It is notable for its fort, which was built in 1937 and restored in 1987.
  • Aspire Tower – located in Doha, the Aspire Tower is currently, at 300 metres and 36 storeys, the 57th-tallest structure in the world and the tallest structure in Doha.

The Dugong

Habitat: Tropical oceans; shallow and protected water
Diet: Sea grass, algae
Classification and relatives: Dugongs are mammals in an order of their own called Sirenia after the legend of sailors who would mistake them for mermaids or sirens. The dugong's closest relatives include manatees and Steller's Sea Cow, which has been extinct since the 18th century. The dugong is also related, more distantly, to the elephant.
Endangered status: Vulnerable
Lifespan: 70 years