Quick Facts

Map of Thailand
Population: 65,998,436
Languages: Thai (Official), English and ethnic and regional dialects including Hmong and Khmer.
Climate: Humid equatorial, dry winter.
Captial City: Bangkok


  • Wat Pho – also called the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho is the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok. Also the birthplace of traditional Thai massage.
  • Ayutthaya Historical Park – Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand until it was destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th century. Tourists can now visit the remains at this park. Inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1991.
  • Sao Lak Muang – built in 1782, when Bangkok was established as the capital of Thailand, this city foundation pillar is the gateway for spiritual influences.

The Black Gibbon

Habitat: Monsoon areas and tropical evergreen forests
Diet: Fruit, insects and leaves
Classification and relatives: Primate. More specifically, the black gibbon is a lesser ape (as distinct from great apes such as chimpanzees, organutans, gorillas and humans). Its relatives include the siamang and other gibbons.
Endangered status: Critically endangered
Lifespan: 35-40 years