Western Sahara

Quick Facts

Map of Western Sahara
Population: 513,000
Languages: Arabic (Official), Spanish, French, Berber, Hassaniya
Climate: Hot, dry desert, very rarely rains.
Captial City: Laâyoune, also called El-Aaiún


  • Sebkhet Aghzoumal – a salt lake.
  • The Sahara – the world's largest hot desert (over 9,400,000 kilometres), the western edge of which extends into Western Sahara. Some dunes can reach 180 metres in height.
  • Saguia el-Hamra – a wadi (an Arabic word meaning 'valley', which in this case refers to a dry riverbed that contains water only when it rains) that runs through Laâyoune.

The Jerboa

Habitat: Desert
Diet: Seeds, roots, leaves and insects
Classification and relatives: The jerboa is a mammal; more specifically, a rodent. It is most closely related to the jumping mouse and the birch mouse and more distantly related to rats, mice, squirrels and beavers.
Endangered status: Possibly endangered
Lifespan: 3 years